Technical Footskill Workouts

Beginner Technical Workout – 90 Sole In/Out Surface

  1. Roll (R)/Pull (R)/Inside Cut (R)/Outside Push (R) – 3/4/5X
  2. Roll (L)/Pull (L)/Inside Cut (L)/Outside Push (L) – 3/4/5X
  3. Roll (R)/Pull (L)/Inside Slide (R)/Inside Cut (L) – 3/4/5X
  4. Roll (L)/Pull (R)/Inside Slide (L)/Inside Cut (R) – 3/4/5X
  5. Roll (R)/Pull (L)/Hop (R)/L-Turn (R) – 3/4/5X
  6. Roll (L)/Pull (R)/Hop (L)/L-Turn (L) – 3/4/5X​

Advanced Technical Workout – 180 Sole Surface

  1. Roll (Right)/Step (Left)/1 footed V Turn (Right) -4/6/8x
  2. Roll (Left)/Step (Right)/1 footed V Turn (Left) – 4/6/8x
  3. Roll (Right)/Step (Left)/1 footed V Turn (Right)/L Turn (Right) Repeat opposite direction – 4/6/8x
  4. Roll (Right)/Step (Left)/1 footed V Turn (Right)/L-Turn (Right) Pull (Left) In/Out (Right) – 4/6/8x
  5. Roll (Left)/Step (Right)/1 footed V Turn (Left)/L-Turn (Left)/Pull (Right)/ In/Out (Left) – 4/6/8x

Finish each rep like a champion. Breakaway speed with the ball for 10-15 yards so you can exploit the space you created to play many options when it’s dangerous for your team to attack forward or maintain possession.