soccer coach trainingTalent makes a team strong but dedication and commitment from coaches can make a huge difference in player performance.

Here are some ways the Quik Touch Soccer coaching staff strives to improve the players and the whole team.

Constant Development

Quik Touch Soccer has a very strong group of coaches dedicated to individual player development as well as their own development in the sport. There have been numerous conversations amongst the coaching staff in regards to session ideas, including what works, what is a challenge, and how to continue to strive for the optimal environment for our players.

We commonly check if our players are being:

  • Challenged and pushed within a session
  • Stretched in terms of skill building
  • Required to consistently be switched on in a training environment
  • Learning at a higher pace

This level of examination allows our coaches to plan accordingly for the development of each individual player.

Individual Feedback

Our coaches do a great job of providing individual feedback in sessions. No matter the level of the player, there is always a core focus area to improve. As players start to develop that core piece, we can start to introduce more complex ideas.

For example: With beginning players, the focus is ball control and being able to dribble. As they start to gain more confidence with dribbling a ball, we begin to talk about the distance between their dribble. Are the players taking touches closer? Are they taking touches a little bit further out of body and starting to run with it a little bit more? Once those skills are improved, we can move onto different moves or solutions to problems. Obviously the changes won’t happen all at once. There’s layers of information and feedback and tips that us as coaches provide players in a technical training environment.

Clearly, every player is different. How is it possible to navigate 8-10 players who have different strengths and weaknesses and skill sets?

That’s what exactly what our coaches are prepared to handle. They work through the differences with each player individually within a team-or small group- environment and give these nuggets of information and improve players’ games. We’ve been doing it over the last three years and I’m excited about the progress we’ve made as a coaching staff and the development of the players that attend our sessions.

We’re looking forward to our Fall and Winter sessions! If you’re not signed up with us yet, check out our SELECT Program for advanced technical development training from our coaches.