quik touch soccer disney 1The journey to the Disney 3v3 Soccer Championships started long before the U14 Quik Touch Soccer Strikers landed in Orlando, Florida.

Practicing in 95 degree weather, the boys worked on 1v1 dribbling, finishing in tight spaces, restarts, and how to cover all the angles with a defensive triangle; Everything done at top speed. Every session ended with challenging fitness work.

For weeks, the boys and Coach Brendon put in the work necessary to compete in a national level tournament, and finally their time to shine had arrived!

Starting The Tournament

On day 1 and 2, the Strikers had some frustrating results and the team was feeling the pressure of playing against top talent on a national stage. The players learned a lot of lessons…playing under pressure, playing at a much higher tempo and how every second and decision in the game mattered.

After the last game of the second day, they left their frustrations on the field as they went on to enjoy each other’s company at the Disney World Amusement Parks. Coach Brendon joined the boys and their families on a trip to Animal Kingdom where they climbed Mount Everest, went on a safari, and learned what life is like as a bug! Brendon had an absolute blast hanging out with the boys in a setting that was more relaxed than our usual soccer environment.

Then came the playoffs.

Tackling The Playoffs

quik touch soccer disney 2

At this point, QTS was the #10 seed playing against a team that had beaten us by a few goals the day before. Within one minute, Ved rolled the ball to his left, did a quick step-over, and accelerated by his defender to score the opener.

The curse of the past two days had been lifted! Our defense held its shape, the boys played with creativity, we were calm when in possession, and we won the game by two goals. Westin hit a perfect cross field ball for Tyler to finish, and Tyler had a great goal from midfield to seal the victory.

“Our aim was to play more relaxed and recapture the creativity that we usually display.” – Coach Brendon

In the next game, we were by far the superior team. We led the whole game thanks to great play from Charlie who was our general in the back and had a nice scoop over the defender and into the goal.

John showed off some quick feet! As a ball looked to be rolling out of bounds, he stepped over it with his right foot and – with the same foot – slipped the ball through the defenders legs and got to the other side of him before he knew what happened!

A Challenging Finals Game

quik touch soccer disney 3In the final we came out looking like the better team. Graham scored an absolute cracker to start things off. As the game carried on, we continued to create chances and seemed to have more energy.

On the flip side, the opposing team took full advantage of their chances and were tough to dispossess once we had to play from behind. Quik Touch ended up losing the game 5-3 and finishing in second place.

“I was very impressed by the way our boys responded after a disappointing start. Everyone had an absolute blast in Disney World, we played some great soccer, and we came home with some hardware! What a great trip!” said Coach Brendon.

The next step is to continue to develop and challenge our Quik Touch players. By consistently training in small groups and teaching the players solutions, the players develop a love for the ball and the game that is evident on the field.

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