The cut back pass can give a younger player an extreme advantage on the field. Language Caster defines it as a type of pass “used by a player who reaches the end of the pitch and passes the ball back towards his forwards in the box.”

The video below contains serval examples of the pass in action.


Why The Cut Back Pass Is Important

The cut back pass is known for being an effective skill to unbalance defenders and get teammates in good scoring positions. Once introduced, it will allow a player to “play against the grain” – contrary to their natural instincts. Learning this skill gives players the advantage of knowing when to find threaded passes or threaded shots into the back of the net.

The skill can be introduced as players become more skillful with striking the ball. There is no age limit to when children can become effective with this type of ball striking technique. Players as young as 4-5 years old with proper instruction and motivation can begin to execute this technique.

How To Introduce The Cut Back Pass

Quik Touch Soccer coaches start by keeping everything square and face up to get a handle on the technique of proper ball striking. Once the basic technique of striking the ball with the right side of the foot with the correct swing is perfected, we start to move the ball in different angles. The angle changes allows students to accomplish three things:

  1. Adjust the plant foot to the correct position
  2. Correct the shape of the foot through the ball
  3. Correct the timing of the swing through the hip to the ball cut at an appropriate angle from the dribble

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