volleyFor this blog, I wanted to talk a little bit about taking the ball out of the air and volleying. Often players in the U9-U14 age group, the age group we work with most often at Quik Touch, really benefit from this type of training.

As players start to advance with their team and their training, the ball needs to be played out of the air more frequently. Being able to control the ball out of the air and put it into spaces where you want it in as few touches as possible helps bring your player’s game to another level.

What To Focus On When Practicing Volleys

  • Repetition of tracking the ball in the flight of it
  • Getting your body shape correct
  • Scanning the field as the ball is traveling towards
  • Have a good understanding of where you are trying to take it yourself
  • Trying to limit yourself to one touch

Importance Of The Smother Touch

A popular touch we work on is the Smother Touch. This is when you let the ball drop with a short bounce and smooth it out into that space where you want to get into right away. This is an important skill that players can rep on your own, with their juggling and popping the ball in the air.

Watch the video below for a demo of the Smother Touch:



Why Volleying Matters

Another aspect of this skill that we work on to improve players’ games is volleying. This can be from an attacking perspective, so working on tracking the flight of the ball down to your foot and letting it drop low enough where you can make sure your swing is level and straight on to the target you want to hit.

Watch Coach Mike walk players through how to volley below:


Additionally, half volleys and side volleys are critical techniques that surround these skills.

Volleying is something that needs to be introduced and incorporated more into training at younger ages. Not only do players have to be a master of the ball when it’s on the ground, but the ball is going to eventually find itself in the air and you need to be able to control the ball with different parts of your body. They will also need to be effective in moving it into the next desired space.

The Quik Touch Soccer staff is looking forward to working on this type of skill in our Fall SELECT training. Registration info will be coming soon but feel free to contact us with any questions in the meantime!