My sweet sonny Boy, Bo, at around 1 year of age.

“Are you all done or do you want more?” I ask.

1 finger to his palm accompanied by a sweet chocolaty smile indicates he wants more of his oreo cookie.

2 hands and squeezing tiny fingers in the air let me know he’s ready to be washed down and return to play time.

“Are you ready for a nap?” I ask.

2 responses and a few others in between.  First, he becomes an elusive striker that no one can bring down.  Second, he accepts his fate to go to La La Land.

Our task as soccer coaches is to guide a young person on their journey.  Our role is to create and manage an environment that challenges their intelligence, character, and soccer skill.  We are here to guide you and pick you up when you may fall. 

As I look at the past 20 months of being Dad, I see those moments now behind me and my baby now a toddler who understands more than I can imagine with each passing day.  After all, he says how he feels, learns and plays with joy, and knows when it is time to rest.  Nothing is sweeter than the opportunities we have each day to teach and guide the children in our charge.