Summer SELECT CampQuik Touch Soccer recently ran our Summer SELECT program in Phoenixville where we watched our players flourish in just eight days. Their technical development and team mentality progressed with each session completed, but how did Quik Touch manage to do that without compromising quality?

There’s no quick fix for improving your soccer skills. However, to efficiently support our players, Quik Touch coaches organized the sessions into three components: combination play, ball-striking practice, and short sided games.

To help parents decide if our SELECT program is the right fit for their player, our staff wanted to explain each part of the day and show you why it is beneficial to your player’s growth. Here’s your inside look at a typical day in our SELECT Program!

Part One: Skill Work And Combination Play

Focus: Warming up and honing in on various little skills and tricks within a game context.

When the players arrived, we took the first 25-30 minutes to focus on speed and agility, which incorporated different footwork moves and patterns that were relative to the way you would move within a game.

After we had warmed the players up with different movements on and off the ball, we would incorporate partners in combination play. Players in groups of two or three were put in an environment in which quick decisions were crucial. Players needed to give different cues and body shapes in regards to how they received the ball. This involved fast-paced thinking, requiring players to scan their shoulder to figure out whether or not they can turn with the ball.

Coaches focused on the details with individual players and provided specific feedback to develop and improve the individual player’s skill.

Part Two: Ball-Striking Practice – Opposed And Unopposed 

Focus: Practicing various foot skills in an opposed and unopposed environments.

After finishing the first part of our session, we trained players on the technical footskills to goal for ball striking and finishing reps. To start, we did an unopposed type of training. We put players on a clear path towards the goal that required some sort of move or skill that would get them into a space on the proper angle, to get their shot on frame.

We repped a lot of skills and solutions to different problems we presented to the players, in terms of how they had to move against the defender.

The main focus here was technique: Knuckling the ball across your body, opening up your hips and finishing with the inside of your foot, bending the ball. Our coaches also worked with players on bending the ball with outside of the foot finishes and controlling the ball out of the air with volleys.

Still within the second part of the session, we would also incorporated 1v1, 2v2, 2v1, 3v2 transition games. This gave the players an opportunity to implement their moves, create their space, and find their shots in a pressured environment. These activities were high tempo, fast paced games and had the players needing to be focused and locked in at every moment.

Part 3: Short Sided Games

Focus: Encouraging fast-paced gameplay and ending the day with a thoughtful recap.

Summer SELECT CampDuring the third and final part of our session, we conducted short sided games. Rotating the players and teams, we held various 4v4s with keepers. These games typically lasted between eight to twelve minutes.

By creating a very fast paced, high tempo game environment, there was a lot of opportunity to attack 1v1 and defend 1v1. There were also lots of pockets of space to move into and it combined many of the skills we had practiced during the day.

This part of the session was crucial for the development of players, who in this environment had to think and play quickly. They also had to be physical with their play since they were playing in shorter side and the fields were a bit tighter.

To wrap up the day, we recapped the sessions for the players and and discussed the core ideas and principles we had trained on during the session. We always give players friendly reminders of ways to work on the skills in their own at home.

The effort and energy this Summer was very high throughout the entire month from both age groups, which provided a very fun and productive training experience for the players.

The coaches had a blast with them and we are looking forward to getting together again soon! Please see links below to register for our Select Program this Fall and Winter.

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